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Commercial Solar

Our team of experienced and licensed professionals have installed over 1,900 solar panel arrays under the same ownership for over a decade. Our turn-key engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) solutions are complete with in-house capabilities and partners, so you never have to worry about who is handling your project. We prioritize people and planet and cannot wait to bring your solar dream to life!

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What is

Commercial Solar

Solar energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors contain a wide variety of customer types, project sizes, and designs. In addition to serving companies large and small, solar energy can also be utilized by nonprofit organizations, schools, universities, farms, and government offices. Commercial solar is more than just a renewable energy source for companies rather than for homes; most of the installations are substantially larger in their size and scope.

Commercial settings utilize distributed generation, where the energy generated from the solar array is used at or near the point of creation. Those with distributed generation systems are usually connected to the local power grid and can therefore take advantage of net metering, where unused energy is sent back to the grid in exchange for a bill credit.

At ShoMe Solar, we assist corporations and small businesses alike in reaping the benefits of solar power. To see how your company can use solar to its advantage, get in touch with our experienced team for a free personalized quote.



Commercial Solar

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Plus, more immediate savings can be seen when you turn the tax liability into an investment via the 30% federal tax credit in 2022. As a business owner, the money you save can be used to grow your successful company.

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By making the decision to invest in solar, you’re spreading the message to employees, potential customers, and investors that your company contributes to the growth of renewable energy in your community. Take advantage of the opportunity to install EV charging stations to power your fleet, attract customers, and demonstrate corporate leadership.

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Turn your business into a reliable resource by adding electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Depending on your business goals, this addition can help increase customer and employee loyalty, power your fleet, or demonstrate your corporate leadership.

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